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FREE SHIPPING FOR GREECE With prepaid purchases above 80€


The customer can return the product they bought and request that it be replaced with another one or the refund of their money, in case of a proven mistake made by our store, i.e. they received the wrong products or products of defective quality (error in receiving the order, invoicing, shipping, damaged in transit, poorly packaged etc.). In the case of proven fault of our store, the buyer must return the product within fourteen calendar (14) days from the day they received it, without any transportation costs whatsoever.

In any case, products that will not be returned within fourteen (14) calendar days, then our store is not obliged to accept any return.

Also, the returned product must be accompanied by all the documents with which it was received (e.g. retail receipt or invoice and delivery note).

In any case, the return can be made after the customer first contacts by e-mail at: sales@oikosaromaton.gr or at tel. +302821503736, within 14 days from the day of receipt of the product, explaining the reason for its return.

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