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Perfume Type Olympéa – Paco Rabanne

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  • Gender: For Women
  • Brand: Paco Rabanne



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The names of branded perfumes are listed only to facilitate finding the fragrance’s notes. Our company is not related to the listed perfume houses. Trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective manufacturers. The perfumes on this website are “type” and – after first being compared to their branded version – they so closely resemble the aromatic composition of the branded ones, that they are very close imitations of them.

How to use

For a long-lasting fragrance that will impress you and those around you, follow the below:

1) Good Hydration | Keep your skin richly hydrated before perfume with a body cream. Thus, you lock in the moisture, making the perfume you will wear later not evaporate easily.
2) Good shake | Shake each time, always well before scenting, so that the double essence with which we enhance all our fragrances mixes and goes everywhere.
3) Perfume body points | We apply the perfume to the warmest areas of our body. Behind the ear, at the base of the neck, on the décolleté, on the inside of our wrists or elbows.
4) Scenting from a distance | We always perfume from a distance and double perfume on every spot, and we never, ever rub the spots!
5) Aroma “Rest” | We let the fragrance “calm down”… In a few minutes the real notes have already bonded with our skin.
6) The finishing touch… | Scent in the air to form a cloud and then “walk” through it so that only the perfume droplets remain on you and the scent takes over you!
7) Sustainability | Perfume is sensitive to light and heat and should be stored in a cool place.


Parfum: contains the highest percentage of aromatic oils for longer duration and intensity that impresses.

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